DigitalTech Company offers you the powerful technical solution to bring your Escape Room to a new level of automation. This system features:

  • automatic checking the initial state of ER puzzles, doors, etc., and sending a message to a GM if a wrong state is detected;

  • automatic initial setup: closing doors, turning on/off light sources and other devices connected to the system;

  • for a GM: selecting a language and difficulty level for a current game;

  • for a GM: control and changing puzzle state on a 2D vizualization map

  • automatic launching puzzles (step by step) and WOW effects;

  • automatic starting/stopping background and action sounds and video;

  • automatic playing audio/video messages with clues.

  • Example of the real ER control system.

The system consists of:

  • PC (Win7 or higher) with DT_MCS software installed

  • DT_USB bus controller and DT_bus wires

  • An unlimited number of the unified I/O modules

  • DT_MCS script

Features of the System:

  • High flexibility - All parts of the system (DT_Bus, sound sources, logs, visualization panel) are fully controlled by a DT_script interpreter in such a way that the user can make any changes at any time (modifying sounds, timing, adding/removing puzzles) by editing a DT_script text file.

  • High scalability - You can either implement 8 simple puzzles using one DT_Ext module or create a super scenario with any number of puzzles using up to 8 DT_Ext modules at once.

  • High reliability – The hardware and software are unified and have already been tested in many projects. We are constantly improving the system. All updates of the docs, firmware and software are available on this website online.

  • The system tests and checks the initial state of puzzles by default.

  • Possibility to create custom logs for a profound post-analysis.

Features of the Software:

  • An unlimited number of strings/complexity of a DT_script

  • Up to 1,000 transactions per second (request/response for DT_Bus)

  • Control over up to 255 devices (DT_Ext) by only one bus (DT_Bus)

  • Up to 16 Com-ports (DT_Bus VCP or other devices)

  • Up to 16 audio output devices (USB Sound Cards)

  • An unlimited number of audio files (for background and action sounds)

  • Visualization panel with a user background (the map of a game location) and up to 256 labels (the status of puzzles, locks, etc.)

  • Countdown timer on the visualization panel

  • 2 visible status logs (the status of location / current puzzle status)

  • 10 hidden logs for statistics and other tasks

Features of Hardware:

  • All inputs/outputs of modules are fully compatible for basic functions

  • 8 unified power outputs on each DT_ExtV1 module (can directly drive power LEDs, DC motors, RC Servos, electromagnetic locks, relays, etc. up to 10A@12V)

  • 12 unified multifunction inputs on each DT_ExtV1 module (can directly connect to many types of analog and discrete sensors (triggers) as well as IronLogic RFID readers)

  • Quick(<10 sec) and easy (w/o dismounting) firmware update

  • Safe system power supply voltage - 12V

  • TVS, ESD and overcurrent protection of all inputs / outputs

  • Electrical isolation of connection between PC and the module