DT_MCS is a free, light and compact Win32 application designed to run and monitor a DT_script. DT_MCS also allows to create/edit and debug a DT_script

Interface Converter from USB(VCP) to DT_bus with full galvanic isolation. DT_USB provides physical layer of data exchange between the PC and the modules.

DT_ExtV2 (12I8O) unified I/O module: - 1 x communication interface DT_bus; - 12 x 3.3V inputs; - 8 x outputs 12V @ 10A (OpenDrain); - External Power: 3.5-12V @ 0.05-30A.

Creation of a schematic plan for modules connection: According to the provided location plan and scheme of puzzles we can to develop a schematic plan of modules placement including a diagrams of connection executive devices to the modules. This plan will be enough for the system installation.

Creation of DT_script: Create and debug a DT_script based on your Escape Room scenatio and schematic plans of your rooms.